This is the personal weblog of Travis Prinzi.

Travis is the author of Harry Potter & Imagination: The Way Between Two Worlds (Zossima Press, 2008) and editor of Hog’s Head Conversations: Fantastic Essays on Harry Potter (Zossima 2009).

Travis has an M.A. in Theological Studies from Northeastern Seminary and almost 10 years’ preaching and ministry experience, including pastoral, children’s, youth, college, and music, and currently serves as a part-time research assistant with Docent Communications. He has an M.S. degree in Education and works full time as Chief Clinical Technologist of the Electrophysiology Lab, both endeavors accomplished at the University of Rochester. Travis lives in Rochester, NY, with his beautiful wife Tricia, their baby girl Sophia, and their dog Moses. He loves, blogs about, and podcasts Harry Potter, drinks cyber beer with the fellows at the Boar’s Head Tavern, drinks real beer at Rohrbach’s, MacGregor’s, and The Old Toad, and drinks real coffee at home. He doesn’t drink cyber coffee anywhere. You’ll find here a rather random collection of thoughts on theology, politics, family, church, and beer. Travis is a Calvinst who is trying to become paleo-orthodox in his spare time, and he’s a Republican who’s trying to become a libertarian-crunchy-con-type in his spare time. Travis has no spare time, so these endeavors are coming along quite slowly. As a writer, Travis is embarrassed to have used the word “endeavors” twice in this very small paragraph.